The monks at Stična have worked in the areas of literature and education throughout the centuries. Abbot Taufferer, for example, wrote a catechism to be taught in schools in the area.  After the revitalisation of the monastery in Stična has come a period of great learning e.g. Methodius Turnšek, Thomas Kurent, Cyril Petelin, and Maurus Grebenc have all been productive in various fields of study. They have written liturgical, ecumenical, and historical treatises and articles, published in the journal “Božji vrelci” (God’s Springs), the monthly magazine “Bogoljub” and others. Fr. Methodius Turnšek edited the review “Božje kraljestvo” (Kingdom of God) in “Božji vrelci” as well as the book series “Živimo s Cerkvijo” (Living with the Church). Aided by other monks at Stična, he also prepared the first translation of the Roman Missal in Slovenian, afterwards printed in three editions.