Holy Mass (Eucharist) is the source and culmination of Christian life, as Church documents teach. It therefore holds a position at the centre of the consecration of one’s life to God. Through the Eucharist we meet the resurrected and glorified Lord. Since God has come among us because of his love, he invites us to approach him and to answer this love. He invites us to his banquet, which is the Holy Mass. The deeper we conceive the mystery of the Eucharist, the more each moment of our life is directed towards this encounter with the divine love, for God comes to meet us. He approaches us in the most direct way, for the Eucharist is Jesus’ sacrifice for the salvation of the world. The early Christians on trial declared that they could not live without the holy mysteries, while up until the present time numerous saints have drawn their sanctity from the Eucharist. Nowadays, those who dedicate their lives to God as monks or nuns cannot live without the Eucharist, they cannot radically follow Christ without it. The Lord’s Supper has become the most essential moment of the monk’s day. A monk, by his various daily tasks, prepares himself for the moment when he will meet with the Lord, and at the same time thanks him at the Lord’s Supper for the gifts that he has obtained. We, the monks at Stična, celebrate Holy Mass every working day at 06.30 and on Sundays at 06.00.