The Cistercians, sometimes called the “white monks”, have called Stična monastery home since the 12th century. The patriarch of Aquileia originally invited them to enrich the inhabitants of his large diocese both in spirituality and in farming according to the rule “Pray and work” – the white monks have lived by this saying throughout the course of the centuries. They have connected with people both near and far throughout this time.

In the beginning the material contribution was of importance as the monks helped overcome the starvation and distress of inhabitants by industriously acquiring cultivated areas and prudently farming them. The monk’s praying and pastoral effort was noteworthy because they supervised many parishes and provided for them – by their life they ameliorated the culture in their monastery as well as in the parishes assigned to them as possessions.

The monks have lived through both the good and the bad times with the Slovenian people. In the era of Turkish raids the monks also experienced the pillaging of their monastery, but had it rebuilt and fortified. In every era the connection with the people has been different, but the basic objective has always been the same, also true nowadays.

The monks are here as men of prayer, contributing with their life and work to the growth of God’s kingdom in the time that they are given. The monks offer individuals in today’s society assistance through prayer, spiritual retreat, and also organise various spiritual meetings. Young people are also involved in the monastery’s activities, for example during the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, thereby celebrating its faith.